Yad Binyamin | יד בנימין – קהילה תורנית במרכז הארץ


# Name Nusach Address Web Site
1 Merkazi Sefard Rechov Slav (end of street, across from big park) YadBinyamin.MyKehila.org
2 Shirat Katif Edot haMizrach Rechov Slav (end of street, across from big park)
3 Vatikim Chazzan’s Choice Rechov Hanechalim (next to Breurs)
4 Ganei Tal Sefard Rechov Hanechalim (next to Breurs)
5 Torat haChayim Sefard Rechov Hanechalim (across from Vatikim)
6 Sha’arei Tefilah Ashkenaz Rechov Har’el (past old Mikvah) ShaareiTefila.org
7 Sha’arei Tzion Teimani Rechov Har’el (past old Mikvah)
8 Donna Park Chazzan’s Choice (21:00 Ma’ariv) Between Slav and Derech Avot, in first Donna Project

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