Yad Binyamin | יד בנימין – קהילה תורנית במרכז הארץ


Destination Description City Address Phone Website Comments
Ashdod Beach Separate hours: Women Sun, Tues thurs 2-7; Mon, Wed, 9-2. Men have the opposite hours.
Bell Caves Bet Guvrin Link Fun caves! Nice activity. See the website for more details
Egged Bus Museum Museum Near Holon Parking lot of Egged buses through the ages, from pre-state fortified buses used on the road to JM until today. If it’s not crowded, you can go into them and kids can pretend to drive them.
Kibbutz Tsora Petting Zoo
Kibbutz Yishi Petting Zoo
Machon Ayalon Underground Bullet Factory pre-1948 Rehovot Link Need to make a reservation. Tours in English are available.
Memshit very hot weather
Moshe Katzav Park Park with climbing frames & tunnel slides, etc of 3 or 4 levels high. Kiryat Malachi
Park Britania Park
Sha’alavim vineyards You get to pick, press, and bottle your own grape juice Sha’alavim 08-9259205 or 050-2022698 We went to the Sha’alavim vineyards today and I wanted to recommend it as a wonderful outing for the whole family. You get to pick, press, and bottle your own grape juice while keeping all the dinim of shmita – all in a wine press which is from second temple times! It is also an oportunity to see many of the dinim of shmita in action. All from the markings of orla trees to the markings of neta revai’i trees. (you also get to redeem neta revai’i fruit and eat it – first time I ever got to do that mitzva!) Tons of arts and crafts for the kids and a great experience which was both fun and educational. For more info call 08-9259205 or 050-2022698
Soreq Cave Near Beit Shemesh Link
Tanachi Zoo Zoo Jerusalem
Wadi Tsfat Hike
Yaladudus Indoor play area for kids In-door play area for kids (jumping castles, moving swings, etc) & in summer they have water blow up slides, etc outside. Also play area for below 2 year-olds. Last we were there it was about 20NIS per kid.
Ancient Natabean city south of Dimona. On chagim they have a shuk and circus performers.

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