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י״ב בטבת ה׳תש״ע (December 29, 2009)


$4.5 Million in Matching Funds for Gush Katif Jobs

From Arutz-7:

Jobkatif, the grassroots employment association established to help Gush Katif expellees find work, is to receive 18 million shekels from the government – in matching funds. The Cabinet decision was taken after it was shown that the organization had been more successful than government agencies in finding employment for the expelled citizens.

The government stipulated that the allocation of the sum – more than $4.5 million over the course of the next five years – is contingent on Jobkatif coming up with the same sum on its own. The money is to be used for professional retraining courses, incentives to employers to hire ex-Gush Katif residents, business grants, and more.

Please give to this very worthwhile cause (most of the businesses in the Yad Binyamin Merkaz Mischari were opened with the assistance of Job Katif).

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