Yad Binyamin | יד בנימין – קהילה תורנית במרכז הארץ


Yad Binyamin is a small Dati Leumi Torani community located in central Israel.  It is home to approximately 600 families from a wide variety of backgrounds.  The neighborhood is a mix of the original founding families, people from Gush Katif, and new families from all parts of Israel and chutz l’aretz.  There are a number of schools and businesses located within the community.


Yad Binyamin is part of  the Nahal Sorek regional council, located next to Highway 3 and Highway 6, making it easy to get to almost any part of Israel quickly (refer to this link for directions to Yad Binyamin).  Many members of the community work in high tech companies located in cities such as Petach Tikva, Herzilya, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Kiryat Gat, Rehovot, and more.

The area around Yad Binyamin is fairly flat, making it a great location for those who love to ride bicycles or go jogging.  It is also located about 20 minutes from the beach in Ashdod (including a separate beach).


Yad Binyamin was originally founded as a religious settlement and educational center in 1962 by Agudat Israel Workers in partnership with the municipality of Nahal Sorek and named after the former Minister of Postal Services, Binyamin Mintz who had died the previous year. For many years, the community was a center of higher Jewish learning based around the Yeshiva.

Yad Binymin is currently comprised of families from the founding of the yishuv, Gush Katif, Yeshivat Torat HaChaim, and many new families who have moved in over the last few years.

Some of the information here was taken from Yad Binyamin’s Wikipedia entry.

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